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zilborrestea    The Ithaka design company had the fine idea of building this water furniture. However, all too often, creative work like this stays on paper and on the shelves in the studio gathering dust. Fortunately, that isn't what's happened in this case. This water furniture has been built and it spends part of the summer in the waters of Hondarribia. splish-splash, splish-splash.
a hammock on top of the water,
quiet, a chance to be at peace
with your partner
with friends ...
splish-splash, splish-splash.
waves come, waves go, the wave's going.
for relaxing, for jumping.
Tears and laughter,
worries and shouts.

close your eyes,
go into the kingdom of reflection
How? What for?
dreams. dreams. more dreams
open your eyes, enjoy what's around you
splish-splash, splish-splash.
I've gone to sleep.

Bet you can't do a summersault. I can!

I'd rather lie down.
lying on top of the water,
lying on top of dreams
splash-splash, splash-splash.

the future's on the horizon
the past on dry land
we're half-way.
now. here.
waves, tides, sea water.
the beating of the sea
lungs of sand.
splish-splash, splish-splash.
we're alive.

The beach has emptied.
Seagulls waiting on the sand
food for the fish.
it'll carry on, won't it?
splish-splash, splish-SPLASH!

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Original idea and project design: Ithaka design
Technical development: Enrique Lekuona
Prototype: Olaziregi Untziola
Sponsor: Hondarribiko Udala | Hondarribia Town Council
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