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"Kill Bill" is the name of the latest offering from the director with a face that resembles a lunatic asylum. This is the story of a killer who decides she doesn’t want to be part of a gang of thieves anymore. The problem is that her colleagues disagree with her, and shoot up her wedding day. After five years in coma, our killer, miffed at missing out on her honeymoon, comes to and starts to plot revenge. The killer is none other than Uma Thurman. The movie will be filmed on location in Mexico, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. When will we get the chance to see it on the big screen? Be patient. Sometime in 2003.



“They’re paying the price for all the terrorist inspiring rubbish Hollywood has filmed”. The Sarajevo born director of films such as "Underground", "Black Cat, White Cat", has been singled out for criticism due to the political content of his films. This rogue director who has never been known to bow down to the prevailing official line of thought, has always made films based on his own point of view. “I’m more interested in the people, stuck in the World Trade Centre waving handkerchiefs in search of help or those being bombed in Afghanistan than I am in politics or any politician”.



The architect Frank Gehry is known for building the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum amongst others. We now have the chance to see all the work he's done in cities like Prague, Berlin, Jerusalem... metal furniture he has made and the work process plans he has used... and all in the same building he built himself. The 40 pieces on view here to enable you to discover his visual language more profoundly.