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consoling at christmas

The price of Sony’s PS2 have finally dropped after two years. Production of Sega’s Dreamcast is to cease. Nintendo’s recently released Gamecube hasn’t been as successful in Japan as was expected and seeing that Microsoft’s XBOX is now on the American market, which one would you choose this Christmas? If you’re thinking of buying one this Christmas, here are for words for and against each console. Take a look at the different technical aspects of each one and draw your own conclusions.


Sega Dreamcast. About 120 euro. Drop in price in December.

SEGA's best video console will shortly disappear due to economical difficulties. It is no longer being assembled, and soon there will be no games for it either. It is, however, the easiest one to pirate. This surpassed the others because it was so easy to pirate, but our dear friends the buccaneers were a bit late in coming up with the magic formula, and the machine is a bit dated now compared to the others. All the same you can get copies of Sega's best arcade games for around 6 euro (average price in Gipuzkoa).


Sony Playstation 2. Around 300 euro. Console and DVD.

Relatively cheap. It seems to have been designed for parents as far as appearence is concerned. It looks like a video player. What I mean by that is that Sony make it easy for you to try and persuade your parents to buy the damn thing. It has loads of games,and games for Playstation 1 are compatible. You know that second parts are never good. The quality of the DVD is not the best. Remember a while back when they found a virus that ate cds? Well, this second "video" does the same with DVD discs. It's extremely difficult to use pirate discs. Stick the chip on (legal seemingly) and when you insert the copy you press a button for 3 / 4 seconds. That's what I said: 3 & 4 seconds. I would more than likely buy one if I thought that I could find out what happens if you press the button for 5 seconds. It looks like a video. It's Japanese.


Nintendo Cube and Gameboy Advance. About 24 euro and 120 euro.

They have the quality of Nintendo. Their most famous sagas (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon) are still being continued; I'm referring to the remakes of their most famous games: F-Zelda, mario-kartt-tennis etb. The minimalist design of the Cube makes it very attractive and the new Gameboy has two new bottons. It's lighter and slimmer and comes with a bigger screen that gives better resolution.
You can also connect four Gameboys together and thereby increase the amount of players in race and fight games by four. As well as all this you can also connect it to the Cube and download bits of games or use it as a control pad. Most of the games appear to be made for children. It hasn't got DVD and we don't know how to copy the games. It's Japanese.


Xbox. As much as the largest euro note (how much?).

Technically the best and the plastic X on the cover is really spectacular in our opinion. Sega is working on games for this console produced by their monopolizing friends. As it's Microsoft's, will it's driver system be frightening? We could spend the whole day sticking things in and out. I am, of course, talking about the console. It's American.