mouthwatering music ce.   Su ta Gar, Benito Lertxundi, Esan Ozenki, Anari or Ruper Ordorika are just some of those who have made themselves heard on the Basque music scene over the last few years. Twenty musicians and producers appear in this book recently published by Eragin (The baptism of the "Kutixiak"section, no less) and give their views on the future of music from here. All of them point out the importance of analysing the past in order to understand where today’s music is coming from. Six experienced Journalists bring together the direct testimonies of people involved in Basque music. You’ll find biographical facts, some titbits from the past and the odd novelty about what awaits us in the future. This book, nicely illustrated with Mikel Saiz’s photos, aims to serve as a tool to help the Basque music scene make its way forward.