hidden SOUNDS javi manterola   The followings bands will not be appearing in music mags or on the posters advertising The Durango Music and Literature Fair because they still haven' t released any records. This, however, is no reason to dismiss the work they are doing to enrich and renew Basque music. They are representatives of the "hidden music". We can find bands of this ilk at the fore of any scene anywhere in the world. Let's takea look at some of the bands that have recently appeared on the Basque scene. Audience are probably the best known of these bands ( they won the latest edition of the RNE 3, FIB Demo Competition and they were amongst the best at this year's Villa de Bilbao.) They'll round off a great year for the band with their first official release. Their music is honest and direct: Will Oldham, Giant Sand, Fugazi, Slint and The 60's (Love, Syd Barret) are the main influences on this band.
Miztura are a curious and hypnotic band. They play the type of long songs that slowly creep up and start to undress you. If we were to talk about influences, Mogwai would spring to mind. Having said that, there's nothing better that the images and sounds created by everyday life to describe Miztura's music.
Ainke. Two members of this group played in the indispensable band SAL about two years ago. Ainke sprang from the ashes of SAL. They mix their Basque character ness with sounds similar to Girls Vs Boys, Seam or Superchunk.
It won' t be too long before a Catalonian record company releases Pinbol' s first album. If Ween are the standard bearers of music based on craziness and musical freedom in The States, then Pinbol are the same for the Basque Country. Jazz, pop, post-rock... any musical style is valid for this band when it comes to expressing their most surrealistic side time and time again.
Borrokan are one of the best if most unknown bands that The Basque Country has produced in the last few years. Even though they've been making music for some years now, they are still a very young band. They have recorded 10 new songs and we hope to finally see the release of their first album shortly. Their music in a word: touching.
One of the most innovative bands on the hip-hop scene in The Basque Country are Imperio Sabio. Anybody who has seen them live will not forget their originality and attitude. They demonstrate that well chosen words are formidable weapons.
It has been quite a year for El Columpio Asesino. They won the Euskal Gaztediaren Txapelketa, and along with Audience, reached the final of The RNE 3, FIB Demo Competition. The Pixies are a strong influence here. That aside, their songs are well worth a listen.
Autoa. Don Caballero, U.S. Maple, Rodan... if the had been born in Chicago, they would be an important reference point at the Touch and Go record label.
Izaera. Their first demo has just been released. Nice design and honest music. Undoubtedly the biggest noise on the Basque scene this year.
Riddim. Trans am and Touring Machine are the main influences on this interesting instrumentalist band.

I know I've forgotten to mention many other "hidden" bands on this list. That's why I find it challenging to try and bring these bands into the public spotlight., " because hidden music is more alive than it ever has been".