perversily europe koldo almandoz   I  txuma “People hate anybody who drag their weaknesses out into the open”.
Chesterfield neatly sums up that special part of the puzzle that makes us up. That hidden force that makes us get down on our knees and peep through the keyhole. And cinema, the art of capturing a form of viewing things, reflects that feeling beautifully. Throughout the history of filmmaking, many films have been capable of bringing our darkest and dirtiest thoughts and desires to the surface. We don' t like that or, at least, we' re not prepared to admit that we do. In the same way we try to hide our perverse sentiments, the films that awaken such thoughts and feelings in us have been shut away where they can't do harm.

The XII Donostia Fantasy and Terror Film Festival has managed to dig up a few of these films. Eroticism, pornography, psychological violence and blood. All there to be seen. And just the way we like it (albeit secretly). There are a few gems to found in this collection of films differing in quality, and some of which are of doubtful motivation.
"Bilbao" by Bigas Luna, Benjiman Christian's "Haxan" (witchcraft throughout history ), Peeping Tom by Michael Powell or "Ojos sin Rostro" (eyes without a face) by Georges Franju. In this age of cleanliness in The EU, we still have a reason to feel perverse.