mamacrea testua/test by: miryam gartzia   I  argazkiak/shots: mamacrea Mama Crea is made up of Nuria M.Cres, Ana i Punto (recently awarded Best Actress at the latest FETEN, the International Fair of Theatre for Children) and Itziar Diaz de Durana. They were unable to access normal theatres and through use of the imagination, they have opened up new formats in theatre. “We three actresses formed Mama Crea three years ago because we wanted to work on our creativity, and especially with the objective to produce our own products. We wanted to offer a different kind of service, something that broke boundaries with normal theatre because there is no room for us in normal theatres. At present we cover a wide range of situations: theatre classes for families or businesses, participative theatre in school classrooms or sketches or we organise theme nights where we create an atmosphere and space around a certain topic. And not only that, we also have other productions such as the Show Gela at Bilboeszena or the Itineris advert at BAD. Another of our services, especially aimed at businesses, is guerrilla marketing. We offer our complete services to a company in marketing their product, each case is carefully considered and we plan a marketing strategy to suit what is being advertised, be it street marketing or different actions in different spheres, the objective being to, through the means of theatre, develop a direct contact and relationship with the public.
If people aren't coming to the theatre, well, time to copy Mohammed's example. It's also fulfilling to find or come up with new spaces for theatre. Everything we create comes from emotion, that's what we are about. Like a mother. Anything we do, we do it from the heart. Very fond of girls, too (laughs…) We call that emotion MamaEmotion. It's impossible to make a living just from the acting, the three of us have done all kinds of stuff over the years, you have to if you want to keep your chin above water in this business. When we founded the company, one thing that was clear for us was that there would be nothing that we wouldn't do. Who was to say we couldn't organise a dance spectacle in a shop while people were shopping? For example, our Hamelin Project is to try and get people to come to the theatre, introduce the culture of theatre to them through a short precise action. After all, we are a theatre group looking out for new creative spaces. We will present our work at airports, supermarkets or the entrance to a theatre while people are queuing up. Innovative proposals in innovative places, without forsaking the essence of theatre, is what we think is an effective solution to a traditional theatre that is simply interested in attracting the masses. Our next theatrical project can be staged in
halls or in the street, is scenically very simple and uses the language of clowns. That’s another characteristic of Mama Crea, that clown feeling, at the end of the day, whether you wear a nose or not, we are actresses”.