tiki phantoms    sounds from the volcano Aloha,

We’ve been told you’ve been dead and buried under a volcano for the last 200 years. What kind of sinful carry-on did you get up to to end up buried under a volcano?

We had the powers to use people’s wills as we saw fit and that did not particularly please King Kamehameha I. Before we could use it to start a revolution to dethrone him, he made his move and spun a trap. We ended up in the volcano. But truth be told, we can’t really complain, we built a nice house there, with a jacuzzi and all that stuff and we plotted our return down through the years. Beware, if you’re alive!

Music critic gurus categorize you as making surf music… we, on the other hand, believe there is a little more to it and as we are basically bored by critics we have decided to ask you directly… What ingredients do you use in your musical recipes?

To tell you the truth, there is a little bit of everything in there: rock, punk, soul and dashes of surf with a touch of 80s’ pop. We have lived through different musical eras and we have drunk from many different fountains.

Rumours say you use masks... surely this is a misunderstanding?

We’ll smack the puss off the next schmuck that says that. When it comes to getting dressed, we are elegant walking skulls. Envy really is a terrible thing, hahahhahaha.

Dancing and having a good time. Are the Tiki Phantoms the answer to contemporary and transcendental music?

Sure we are! Our live shows are a feast of dancing, laughter and energy. Anybody coming to one of our shows knows that they are really gonna have a great time. They don’t have to worry about messing up their hairdos or if there are any conceptual messages behind the songs. Live shows need to once again be an explosion of energy!!!

Instrumental surf groups... well, they are normally quite boring…your shows, on the other hand, are earthly orgies… Where do you get all that energy from?

We are islanders and on islands things are done in a wild wild way. It’s the law of survival of the fittest and you have to give everything your all, always. We are immortal and we never get tired.

If I say “Viva las Vegas”, what comes to mind?

We should have been the stars of that film but they decided to put in a sugary sweet Elvis in the middle of it all and we didn’t get the part! We’ll get to get even in April when we play in the mythical festival of the same name and that is how we can confirm whether in the USA people still start lunch with a hamburger, follow up with pizza and then have nachos and guacamole for dessert.

A fond farewell and may the Great God Tiki protect you all.
tiki, tiki, tiki!!!!!