audio arkaitz villar

Unexpected Tapas


Makala has made his Happy sound message international. In this new piece of work he’s taken some previous singles, added some new songs, given them all new mixes and made a great cocktail. The tempo’s set by the house’s own latin, boogaloo and rumba, and lots of European DJs’ remixes freshen it all up. This record combines gastronomy and music and it will make you happy.


El hombre bolígrafo


Grises is the best example of the new waves of sound that are being put together in the Basque Country at the moment. This group from Zestoa - yes, Zestoa! - has made a great disk. It’s lively, danceable, direct and they do a great live too. With no breaks, with no time for getting your breath back, but the plastic-filled electronic songs calm down your breathlessness. A record that brings us nearer to the future.


Arabia Mountain

Black Lips

When we saw them spitting in Barcelona in 2005, we made a blood contract with Black Lips. Arabia Mountain has been a summit in their career. They’re spreading a message about breaking the era of neatness and cleanliness we’ve been living through. Their songs are still fast and dirty. There are seventeen songs on the new disk. There’s nothing new, but they do mix rock, punk and psychedelia with great character.


From Africa With Fury: Rise

Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80

Seun Kuti has brought out his second powerful studio record. He’s recorded it with Egypt 80, his father Fela Kuti’s band, and the results are excellent. Brian Eno was also involved in the production and, between them all, they’ve managed to strengthen Afrobeat. They’re strong songs, full of funk, and they get right into you. They’ll light you up inside.


Helplesness blues

Fleet Floxes

Their first record took us by surprise in 2008. The vigour of great vocal songs taken to an extreme really got us. This disk’s a continuation of the first one and it’s just as organic. Songs like “Lorelai” on this record are real triumphs and it was well worth the wait. It shows us that you can make complex songs even without using distortion.



The Horrors

Quinn Luke of Incarnations and Phenomenal Handclap Band famei s unstoppable. Using pseudonym Bin Ji Ling he has released this colourful little sparkler that brings together soul, pop and the psychedelic. Twelve songs and from the first song “Move on” you’re hooked. The record is the fruit of great song-writing. Ever since we bought it, we just can’t put it down.