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We are Standard

We are Standard·Mushroom Pillow 2008

The late and new proposals that come from Getxo owe a lot to this band. In this album, produced by Andy Gill (Gang of Four), We Are Standard gets closer to the perfect sound. It was recorded in London and undoubtedly, it will be in the charts of best albums of the year. The single that presents the album, "The Last Time", has been superb. Even though there are some others, like "Other lips, other kisses" that has rhythms that will surely stress out. The Hype that seemed to disappear immediately, will last longer.


Fermin Muguruza

Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema·Talka 2008

The new work by Fermin Muguruza is marked by all the places he has visited and all the collaborations he has had. The risk of losing the dynamic songs has been faced: He has created songs with the help of dance hall, hip hop, reggae and soul. He has some awards that have opened ways to create songs like "Itzuliko naiz", "Shoot the singer" and "Asthmatic Lion". As a result, we perceive him more certain in songs like "Ez sailkatu". Don't be scared with the presence of Rossy de Palma because there is much more in this work.



Momo eta beste izaki batzuk·Oiangu Diskak 2008

We don't know yet if we truly believe in this project or not. However, every time they publish a new album, we like to talk about them. This time, they come with a conceptual work, based on a creature named Momo. In this album, created with the soul of a child, we find many interesting aspects, such as: "Erdian nahiago", "Goizeko seiretan", "Abandoñate" and "Me gustas tú" songs. Some others, though, may not be needed. If this game ever turns into something serious, they may lose their freshness, but our pop will gain a lot too.



Gauari, gauarekin·Gor Diskak 2008

At last, here is Lauroba's first studio album. The first songs, "Zure ondoan", "Hemen" and "Denbora" have turned into small hymns of the album. As songs move forward, intensity diminishes. However, they have courage to keep talking about love, sex and night time stories. This work, made with neat sounds and structure, is one of the most interesting debuts that we have lately listened to.


Half Foot Outside

Heavenly·Limbo Starr 2008

The press note published by the record company says that they are the best indie rock band in the state. I agree. The band from Iruña that gets close to Power pop has published a great album full of great songs. It is time to realize this band's greatness. Listen to "Thin skin heavy bones" or "Driveways". Without any main change in the voice and instruments, Half Foot Outside keeps it up.


Rafa Rueda

Zuhaitz okerretan gora noa·Autoekoizpena 2008

Third one for Rafa. This is an album that marks a break with the previous work. Now, composition has new forms, songs are more decorated. He will move forward and up with this album. This is a work full of songs with an exceptional production and sound and even though it was recorded with the help of foreign musicians, the presence of Joseba Irazoki stands out (as well as Jonan Ordorika's hidden work).