phantasma    Revelation. A monochromatic shadow. A worndown anthropomorphic mist. Material made from nonmaterial. The light of the dead. Spectre. Silhouette. An invisible reality that could not
be secured and kept until photography was invented.
Trying to explain something that by definition is indefinable is just an exercise in wasting one’s time. For this reason precisely, we have decided to take a look at some of the ghosts who still have not made the journey to the other side. We have been aided in our work by Mursego and Rafa Berrio whose words and music have been our mediums, so to speak. More than one eyebrow will be raised when people hear that these two artists are working together. While it is surprising to find these two ‘spectres’ from different generations and ‘worlds’ coming together, well, that is the advantage of being a phantom. They can cut through prejudice the way ghosts breeze through walls. They have mutually long admired each other’s work and finally they have come together in the same space.

And on this stage, Angel Aldarondo and Edorta Subijana’s visual work, using a repeated mirrored dimension, captures Berrio and Mursego in the flesh in row after diminishing row of reflection. Flesh and bones, light and shade. Or Mursego and Berrio’s ghosts. Phantoms who are among us enabled by words, music, image and silence.