pizti otzanak

holgado /cano. ikastolen elkartea

A large-size elegant hardback version of this story by Holgado and Cano published in the Xabiroi comic has just been published. Holgado's artwork in this noire thriller really achieves a well-paced rhythm and ambience. As regards the narrative, Cano's script goes where normal comics don't go. The ending is rather open and suggestive, all of which leaves the reader impatiently waiting for the next installment.



xabier montoia. elkar

The main character is a nun. Well, at least the main flesh and bones one is. The other one, that reaches out beyond everything is one that hasn't been out of news headlines for the last while: the subject of memory. Montoia's latest book doesn't rescue any of the victims gunned down at the side the road but it brings them alive in a certain way. The main character Felisa, just like Golgota, has lived through hell throughout her life. The tone of the book is beautiful yet dark and sad at the same time. We didn't expect anything les from the pen of the writer who defines his friends as enemies.


abc3d liburua

maria bataille. roaring brook press

This book has lots of different things that we love. Not happy with just using paper for the publication, it uses the very same paper for a folding "playful" alphabet. This is a treasure of a book that plays with paper and words, the kind of thing designed with fetishists like us in mind. It isn't easy to get your hands on one but the link provided will let you see just why we love this great little book so much.


bomb magazine

new art publications

The first issue of bomb magazine (special in name and in content) was published in 1981 and it hasn't skipped one yet. It's a really simple idea. They get two people together and they get them talking. It's mostly art and culture but there's also a bit of philosophy and other social issues. The people at the magazine know where a conversation might start but they don't always know where it will end up. You'll find Kelly Reichard and Gus Van Sant or Allan Vega and Matt McAughley in the latest number.