urtebetetze festa

Castillo Suarez

There are authors who write poetry and there are poets. Castillo Suarez belongs to the second category. There is no doubt at all that she has reflected long and hard about what she wanted to say and has therefore taken great care in choosing the words of the poems in her latest
book. It doesn’t come across that way though. This is because her writing contains no artifices
or adornments. She says it’s “the world is made up with the words we don’t say.” We feel, however, that her poetry, in the most intimate sense of the word, helps us understand this
very world. The writer states in the introduction that we build our own lives alone. We are
fortunate in that she has invited us to her birthday.


hodeien adorea

Yoseba Peña

In “The Others” and “The Sixth Sense” the main voices in the novel speak to us from the place the protagonist finds themself in. Yoseba Peña’s style is to just to lash off a burst of machine-gun fire at a devilish speed. You just can’t put the book down until you have finished it. The devil himself would be more than happy with the terrifying, paranoid police atmosphere. But it’s not the devil that is embodied by the main character Jon Preciado, it’s more Cain we’re talking about here. Preciado is, all things said and done, a bit of an idiot. You really get the feeling that you’ve been in similar situations to those played out here in Bidebieta or Larratxo. While we’re waiting for the second novel, we’ll just have to listen to Baron Rojo’s “Hijos de Cain”.


zu ikusteko bidean

Gari Garaialde

The publishers Edo have chosen a road story as the collectives’ first publication. A road movie. The photographer doesn’t seem to have wanted to show us the destination. Here he displays the brief glimpses of a journey that become invisible as kilometers and hours pass by. Garaialde shows us that for many daybreak is bland and white. We couldn’t imagine this book in colour. We wonder when Zu ikusteko bidean (On The Way to See You)
will change from being a modern day chronicle to a historic document.


zuzeu tolesgarria

zuzeu biltzar tipia

We were handed this piece of folded paper at the Durango Fair. We knew we were going to like it the moment we opened it up. Printed in black and white, on the one side there’s a huge photo and on the other side there are articles written by the good folks at zuzeu. As this type of product gets harder and harder to come by, the more we love them. You know, they’re distributed by hand, they cling on to the spirit of the fanzine and have sprung from the well of agitprop. Just as they say on the cover: “We’re horizontal all right, but we aren’t lying down, and we’re certainly not asleep.”