parisen bizi naiz

koldo izagirre

Izagirre wrote this book in a Paris banlieu on the left bank. Instead of looking at Berlin districts’ bays, now he’s looking at streets. Streets, history, stories, people... While he’s found the chance to be playful, the collection also makes deep reflections. About language, style and our social landscape. Those who know Koldo’s work will enjoy this book and be able to place it. Anyone not familiar with his books will have to take longer to read it. We’ll all know this outskirt of Paris better from now on. Even so, we’ll have to guess whether Paris is around the writer or inside him.



jean echenoz

If we said this is runner Emil Zatope’s biography, it wouldn’t be a lie. But that wouldn’t do justice to this important little book. This book tells us the life of the greatest sportsman of the country we knew as Czechoslovakia because bits of it are like a novel. Instead of being a novel based on a true story, this could be described as a real story based on a novel. Without ballast, as if he were a surgeon of words, with a direct, aseptic style, Echenoz tells us the story of a man who runs in a torturous, deformed way. Beautiful.


99 ejercicios de estilo

matt madden

In this comic you can enjoy the same story told in 99 different ways. We knew that creating comics gave creators many different options. This book makes use of Raymond Queneau’s style exercises and, to put it one way, we’ll see them brought to life here. There are different points of view, styles and types of drawing, all used to tell the same story. Recommendable.


el naufragito

fanzine arrabaleroa

Last time I was in Barcelona I made a great discovery. A marvellous fanzine called El Naufragito. They bring out themed numbers. In each fanzine they include a supplement called “mini-naufragito”. I managed to get hold of eight: neck-lines, against cinema, death, new york, islands, tattoos, boxing and art. 2000. The oldest of the year and the newest of 2013. While fanzines like this exist we won’t lose faith in humanity.