juan perez agirregoikoa
San Sebastian. 1963. That’s all we’ll say. Anybody who wants to know more about his biography, his trajectory, his exhibition and published work, will find it available on the web. We have been wanting to showcase this artist’s work for a long, long time. The reason for this is because we have long since identified with the way he understands art and his deft hand when it comes to his form of criticism, sharp irony and dark humour. And also because of his work’s radicalism and contemporaneity. An example of this is the two pieces on show at the Reina Sofia. Based on his personal experience, this artist rips the mask from the face of the so-called subversive subculture represented by skaters. He also compares the poetic act by Rauschenberg when he erased a de Kooning drawing with the Taliban destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha sculptures. Yes, humour and irony...but with a wonderful dose of profoundness.