thebaldian:hedy lamarr    She was born in Vienna in 1914. She started studying engineering at the age of sixteen but three years later she gave it up in order to study acting at the Max Reinhardt School of Drama.

She made the film Ecstasy in The Czech Republic in 1937. She appeared naked in the film for 10 minutes. This was the first commercial film to ever feature nudity. It was a huge success.

Attracted to her by the film, the wealthy arms manufacturer Friedich ¨Fritz¨ Mandl agreed on an arranged marriage with her parents. He kept his wife during years under lock and key.

Aided by the maid, her lover at the time, she escaped to Paris. From there she went to London where she met film businessman Louis B Mayer.

By the time she reached the USA by ship she had signed contracts to appear in seven films. In the following years she made thirty movies. She was offered and turned down films like Casablanca and Gaslight.

Hedy and musician George Antheil, her life-long love (unlike her six husbands), invented, amongst others, the Frequency-hopping spread-spectrum, which had a massive influence on the missile industry.

She died in Florida in the year 2000. As she requested, her son brought her ashes back to Vienna. November the 9th, her birthday, was chosen as World Inventors’ Day as a homage to Lamarr.