kiki de montparnasse

catel eta bocquet·sisentido

Even though it is big and thick in shape, this comic -or so-called graphic novel-is easy to read. It deals with the story of a Parisian artist in the 20th century and his muse. It is about the story of a woman who was able to fuse art and life and who would break social taboos. We will also witness moments of that revolution that were not as glamorous. A simple and measured narration, Kiki de Montparnasse is a comic that is very pleasing to read and see.


harreman estilo berri bat

koldo saratxaga·elkarlanean

Koldo Saratxaga, one of the directors of Irizar Company, offers a new type of inner-business relationships in this book. Among other strategies, Saratxaga explains that businesses should be based on the workers; they should become part of the business strategy. One could smell that famous “mr. worker” proposed by López Arriortua.


todo lo que muere

john connolly·tusquers

The first adventure of Detective Bird. It is an adventure that will lead Bird to investigate the murderer who killed his wife and daughter. The reader is attracted since the very first sentence and cannot stop reading. After this book, it is not surprising that Connolly had to write the follow-up of Bird’s adventures. He offers a contemporary insight to common topics of this genre. We are not afraid to state that today his work could be placed on the top of best hard boiled novels list.



A magazine created in 1946 and published for half a century. This magazine that deals with “non-traditional” sexual representations is still released due to the hypocrisy that the US exports all over the world. It began showing dominatrix women and sadomasochist relationships and today, it has accommodated to new sexual representations. Even though it has lost some of its charm and it has become more commercial, we are still Bizarre fans.