pieces of advice to banish
• In the first place, think carefully. Disappearances will have lead to many unalterable consequences in your life. Amongst other things, faking your death or disappearing is illegal.
• You’ve made up your mind. Okay. Here are some recommendations.
• Take time to prepare your disappearance. It won’t be easy and you’ll have to anticipate and take a lot of things into account before you disappear.
• If you have to disappear, do it by yourself. If you’re going to disappear with somebody else, the chances of being found multiply.
• Get rid of your things. Of everything:
Don’t take any souvenirs. Not a single photo. Resist temptation.
• cut yourself off from your daily life little by little. Don’t do it all at once. Start closing down your online things. Erase yourself gradually from the digital world.
• If you’re thinking about taking your phone with you, then stop reading this article right now. We are writing this for people who really want to disappear.
• Okay. If you accept that you’re going to a phoneless world, let’s go on.
• Destroy your credit cards. From now on, it’s only cash.
• Destroy any card with your name on it. • Move around on foot, bike or bus.
• Learn to tell lies. Become methodical and believable in your lies; you should even believe them yourself.
• Don’t buy black market passports or social security cards. They’ve probably been stolen or belong to dead people.
• Leave your home. If you go to another country, study its laws.
• If you stay in your own country, go somewhere nobody in 200 kilometres knows you.
• Never go somewhere you used to go on holiday.
• Work on new habits.
• Wear clothes you didn’t use to. cut your hair and dye it a natural colour.
• Don’t eat what you used to. Don’t go to restaurants you know.
• Don’t play the sports you like.
• Wear a hat in public places to avoid cctv.
• clean your finger prints from any hotel or public place.
• Never send mail.
• Don’t fall in love.
• You’ve fallen in love.
• Even so, don’t tell your lover anything at all. Not, at least, if you want your love’s date of expiry to last longer than others do.
• Good luck!