bunny yeager. st martins press

This short book shows the 50’s pin-up or calendar girls’ collection. When “Anorexia” was just a planet in Star Trek, these women’s naked and round bodies are an invitation to happiness. This erotic, kitsch book is a collection of seduction and a bit of nostalgia. The book also has 3D glasses to enjoy the images.


arthur and george

julian barnes. anagrama

Arthur, one of the main characters of this intrigue novel is what we liked better about it. He is a happy detective who likes sports, and the book is worthwhile only because it breaks all the cliché. He appears in a transitional England between Victorian and Modern age, between tradition and innovation. The narration is around that too: it is a detective traditional novel and historical novel.



grupo zeta

Finally the gossip Anglo magazines are here. With no mercy, the editors have to get their Masters degree in being motherfuckers. We have a good time with Cuore, while a Spanish magazine that judges moral topics (separations, cheatings, communions…) these english style magazines, any stupidity is enough to make laugh at famous people (clothes, vice, surgery...) see you, little hearts...


hamaseigarrenean aidanez

anjel lertxundi eta antton olariaga. erein

Most of us knew this story that Lertxundi and Olariaga turned into a comic in the movie theatres. Bisquert and Garmendia appear now in black ink instead of in the screen. When we saw this in frames, this known story created new sensations in us. The narration of Lertxundi has never been that tough and dark as in Olariaga’s drawings. This first edition is a treasure and we will repeat that we won’t let you have ours. Try at the library.