trading cards 4- Joana VII    The Popess card of the Tarot is named after Joana. Joana, was born in 822 in Ingelheim am Rheim; a town in the German Mainz region. She was the daughter of an abbot.

In her childhood, since she lived in the abbey, she had a chance to study. In her youth, and in order to keep on studying, she hid her personality and started a job as a copier by the name of Johannes Anglicus (English Joan) in a monastery.

She travelled to Rome and because of her knowledge; she turned into the international secretary of the Pope Leon IV.

In July 855, after the death of the Pope, she was named Pope by the name of Joan VII.

Two years later, while she was riding a horse, she gave birth to a child that she had with Lamberto, the Ambassador in Sanjonia. People immediately killed her by throwing stones to her.

Since then, the church wanted to show the manliness of Popes. All future prists are made to sit on a chair with a hole in the middle. The priests put their hand in the middle of their legs and say: Duos habet et bene pendentes (He have two and they hang).

Liv Ulman played the role of Joan the Pope on a movie in 1972.