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Eureka Hot 3

Eureka Hot 3·Autoekoizpena 2007

A band that hails from Bermeo. There songs are short, fast, dirty and strong. These guys have been in bands like Atom Rhumba and Bongolocos, they sing in English and their stuff is a mixture of limitless funk and rock. They come across as a big band on the track ‘Steppin high’, ‘Hey you’ is more laid back but stronger and then there’s ‘Mess’, apt for total loss of control. This is a sex machine that will get your hips gyrating and your feet popping as they powerhouse you along on this unrelenting lust-fest.


Artic Monkeys

Favourite Worst Nightmare·Domino records 2007

Artic Monkey’s latest release starts off with the galloping “Brianstorm.’ Compared to their previous album, Alex Turner and friends seem to have gone for a cleaner sound on this one. Nick O’Malley’ on bass has slotted into the band perfectly. The wellworked on riffs and vocals have helped come up with another thumper of a record. It’s no mean feat to have pulled a record like this out of the hat a mere year after their previous stormer. Definitely one of the bands of the moment.




Bjork’s latest contains ten of the most colourful tracks for our ears to feast on. Her varied intense voice takes us through every different range and tonality. She’s worked with several producers on this record. Timbaland does great stuff altogether! On ‘My Juvenile’ and ‘The Dull Flame of Desire’ she plays with the loveable Anthony. While others stand around waiting for new times to come, Bjork is busy creating them.



Positive·Autoekoizpena 2007

Thc have really grown on this, their latest release. They have defined their sound and written stronger material. The songs are really long, some of them last up to eight minutes. The dialogue between electronic and traditional instruments has been crafted masterfully and this is a highly danceable record. They really worked on the voices and come up trumps when they sing in Japanese or Brazilian.


Sexty Sexers

Urkamendi blues·Gaztelupeko Hotsak 2007

Rock, hard rock, hard rock, blues and above all, character. All in Basque. One of the strongest home releases to have hit the shelves in a long time. The lads from Bera have written some really powerful gems like "Amuak itotzen nau". The arrangements on "Lorerik ez" underline the strength of the music on this disc. These guys have gotten really big without having renounced the influence of all the greats gone before them.


Alex Krygier

Zorzal·Hitop records 2007

This multi-instrumentalist from Buenos Aires is back with a really open record. There are an endless amount of different sounds on show here and experimentation is the backbone of this album. This experimentation marks the line the disc follows and he uses an incredible array of instruments, as well as numerous collaborations, to nail down what he was looking for. Then there’s Alex’s great sense of humour to contend with, really present throughout the record. Full of everyday sounds.