por qué he matado a pierre

alfred eta olivier ka. ponent mont

The comic book that earned the Angouleme festival readers first prize. The book deals with a difficult issue such as sex abuse, but without any drama and false morals that are common intruders when dealing with these topics. A work that will make you frown and smile. "Pierre is a “red” priest. He doesn’t look like a priest, he laughs, he sings andhe tickles me". A jewel that %95 of the populace, those who reject comics, will miss.


el arte. conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre

juanjo saez. reservoir books

Juanjo Saez mixes a variety of genres – essay, autobiography, comic and novel – in this, his last, special book. Due to an imaginary conversation that the protagonist maintains with his mom, the writer reflects on art and the role of the artist, always in a very clean, humorous and ironic way. Besides offering an original and playful work, the writer who also shows ability to criticize himself and that is very much appreciated.


spam basura 2

egile ugari

A book that, if we had collected all the bullshit we receive in our electronic address, we could have done. The book, per se, does not have any anthropological or analytical value. However, there is no ambitious goal in this work. It is just a collection by some freaks who collect electronic trash; the encyclopedia of mail that we receive in our electronic inbox. An entertaining trash-book of everyday electronic messages that provoke a smile or a nasty look on your face.


zakur kale

harkaitz zubiri. susa

Even though this is his first book, the writer shows a clear worth-telling particularity: love and politics are not at core of the book. Harkaitz Zubiri has chosen the working world as the threat that unites different narrations. Love relationships and politics are just on a second stage and that, in an opera prima, and in the Basque Country, is a very a hopeful bet. The working world is at the backbone of the book and the landscape is San Sebastian, a city that goes beyond its common associations with the bourgeois, cheesy city, a description only understood by someone from San Sebastian, similar to the way Saizarbitoria does.