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la caza del carnero salvaje

haruki murakami. anagrama

The book that established Murakmi’s international reputation. It’s not the most famous or biggest-selling book of his, but it really was an important step forward for him in his career as a writer. You’ll find all the main characteristics of Murakami’s style on show here: the beauty of the finest detail, fetishism, the breathtaking ability to freeze time... This Japanese writer builds up a story of intrigue in his own direct and hypnotic fashion.



lai. autoekoizpena.

We are real fans of self-produced work. What is becoming more and more the norm in the music world hasn’t really seen any sort of equivalent come together in the world of publishing. We really do need a little more of it in this neck of the woods. That’s why the likes of Bitan are so praiseworthy. Carefully put together short pieces of work. Organic is the word that springs to mind. Rather than lose itself in the world of metaphor, the book places the reader directly in front of a mirror: (but girls, too / all the same / the most incredible wind / do break in the morning / and then / the poetry ends.)



krum. castagniééé editions

This comic, without using a single word, tells us a great story about an underwater diver. The whole book is drawn by pencil, but the drawings could hardly be called sketches. Krum is a master of pencil technique. The different chapters complement each other as the story unfolds. A great, really well-told story about dry land and the underwater world.


biraka.historia sobre historias

miren gonzalez goikoetxea.

Biraka is a book of different parts of a journey. This journey has no set start or ending. The authoress tells us stories lived through in the different places she has visited. The book doesn’t have any of the highly pretentious aims quite normally found in this type of book. It’s a humble book, over-brimming with colour. The book is a testament to the photos taken, texts composed and, above all, experiences and stories that the writer jotted down into her notebooks on her travels to later pass on to us.