audio elektro

Atom Rhumba

Amateur universes·Oihuka 2006

The sex machine from Bilbao is back in the ring again. This new release from Atom Rhumba keeps up the dynamics to be found on previous releases, the sound of a solid band. The steadiness of the line-up in the last few years is behind that solidness. It kicks off with the explosive “Mr Everywhere” and “Homemade Prozac”, tones it down on “Broken town” or “Amateur Universes” and gets hot and sticky on the likes of “Body clock”. Watch out for the lysergic buzz of “Hidden Revelations”, catchy, danceable and psychedelic. This record will get you grovin’. All we have to do know is learn the tunes and get ready for the live shows.



Stereosaurus·Matasellos 2006

Neubat are a desert band. Gasteiz is the dry solitary city in the middle of the desert in Mad Max. Well, that’s what kinda springs to mind when you listen to the latest offering from this Gasteiz band. The band have certainly learnt their trade, above all live, since they released their first record “Dantzaldliko Erreginak.” The voices come in for some special treatment on this record, they’ve really worked hard on this aspect. What’s more, there’s more than one style on show here, you’ve got from stoner to rock and punk songs. There’s some really top class collaborations on show, too.


The Rapture

Pieces of the people we love·Universal Music 2006

The Rapture laid down “Echoes” with lashings of dance-funk foundations (a nod to punk there too.) The soon became a must-bementioned reference in the movement. Their songs reminded you of Bowie or The Cure. Since then they have been signed by a multinational and the band are still sticking to theirs: whacking that crystal ball. The songs are lighter this time around and they’ve dropped the dark side a bit. Without turning their backs on the previously mentioned influences, they come across a sound that bears more their own mark. The record steams away from the start, a real powerhouse, and it doesn’t let up from there to the end either. Up, up and away!


Whatch Tv and The Primetimes

Discolexia·Hitop records 2006

Richard Garcia is Whatch TV. He’s released his mixes on some of the most influential record labels over the last few years and the same can be said for the artists he has worked with. He’s an essential part of the dance scene in State. He’s back again with his latest project: Discolexia, recorded with the good people from The Primetimes. Gecko Turner, Eddie Lovana and El Lapofsky are just some of the people that have helped fill this record with humour and dance. If you’re feeling under the weather, this record will soon clear your cough for you.


Bikini Machine

Daili music cookin´with Bikini Machine·Platinum 2006

This lot rolled into the Bilbao Bilboloop festival on the brink of a wave last year. They mix modern day melodies with sounds form the 60s, with the odd wink to surf instrumentals thrown in for good luck. There is also an element of electronic sound on each track, most of which are sung in English with the odd one in French. This band are as much a party on record as they are live. These tunes will have you egging to bop.


Matt Elliot

Failing Songs·Acuarela discos 2006

It’s been years since British Matt Elliot took that jump to his interior soul. This is his third album as a single artist. He’s left behind the rhythms of The Third Eye Foundation to release darker albums these days. His records are sometimes painful and it’s the same this time around. Some of the songs on his new album go to the extreme. Melancholy, sadness and pain dressed in the musical robes of Mediterranean and Balkan melodies. The songs show us that everyday life can be as crude as happy...