design anarchy

kalle lash | adbusters

Adbusters has been collecting, analyzing and publishing the signals of the west society throughout many years. Now, with the book entitled Design Anarchy, they proclaim, among other things, that design is not just aesthetics. They prove that design has a social and a politic role. And their attitude becomes obvious starting in the cover of the book. They are Canadians; but we don’t think the inhabitants of South Park can tease them.



egile ugari | susa

You can buy a book on the Internet and give it as a gift. Internet is the future. We have heard this many times. However we don’t hear that often that in the future, we have to attract clients and take care of them. In Susa, they became aware of this long time ago and now, they have collected a bunch of book to give to their clients. The precious creation of many authors. Fishermen know that sometimes, the hook is more valuable than what they get.


el hombre de londres

george simenon | tusquets

A classic novel noir. Short and direct. Written in 1933. The same year that the Belgian Gallimard signed the contract with the publishers. From that moment on, he gave up writing lower level novels and his writing moved a step forward. Or this is what his biography says. We haven’t heard of his previous work, but in this, the psychological level of his characters get to the level of the action and this gives a new taste to the narration. The story is black; black as the water in the port of the sunny midday of 1933.


la misma diferencia y otras historias

derek kirk | astiberri

Derek Kirk Kim, makes an X-ray of the attitudes of his characters, who are not young anymore and are now entering adulthood. Even though his attitude is existential, he shows his doubts without any problem. He was born in Korea and there he spent his childhood but when he was 8, he moved to the north of California. After his main story, some other minor stories have been published in the same collection. And we thank them for this because his tenderness, irony and humor are useful to dive deeply into universe. The first works of this comic writer who lives between Korean and the US won the Eisner and Harvey prizes.