Cronenberg, new flesh    Much has been said about this Canadian director. And if we pay attention to this, we should realize that he is one of the actual interesting directors. For many, though, he is a creator of a lower level or one who only appears in terror film lists. Cronenberg’s sin was exactly finding the connection between his particular point of view and the commercial cinema. For those who like films with Alcanfor smell, he is not a serious director. For the fans of commercial films, he is just an alternative creator.

There are few directors with such coherence in the career. Cronenber’s whole work has a definite axis. He is the creator of a film philosophy: New flesh. He has analyzed the space between human body and machines. Cronenberg reflects the physical link between the human body and the machine in a post-industrial society, where high technology and machines get together with the wild aspect of the human being, where drugs and reality create new perception spaces, where happiness and violence merge in the same “corpus”... Cronenberg’s stories are settled in this space.

Cronenberg was born in Toronto in 1945. His father wrote crime stories in a magazine called True Detective. He started writing when he was young. But soon, quitted writing and started studying science. He was really fan of entomology. In college, his science classes were more boring than he thought and he gave up studying. Then, he took English literature classes and started writing again. As he recognized, he was never a real fan of cinema. However, films had a special ability to tell stories. When he watched David Secter’s film “Winter kept us warm”, he realized film offered many opportunities to tell stories. He keeps proving this and in the meantime, he left these films:

1. Scanners (1981)
2. Videodrome (1983)
3. The dead Zone ( 1983)
4. The Fly ( 1986)
5. Friday the 13th ( 1987)
6. Dead Ringers ( 1988)
7. Naked Lunch (1991)
8. M. Butterfly (1993)
9. Crash ( 1996)
10. ExistenZ ( 1999)
11. Camera ( 2000)
12. Spider (2002)
13. A histoy of Violence (2005)

Nowadays, he is working on two projects, "Eastern Promises" and "Maps to the Stars". This year, a section has been dedicated to him in the Horror Film festival in Donostia.