nouvelle manga    It is commonly known the love of comics of Japanese. It’s incredible the number of people who travel every day with a comic in their hands. Against what we believe, the manga genre is not only limited to science fiction and fantasy. In addition, most of the manga created nowadays have the day-to-day life as its basis: work problems, school, sports, family matters, sex... It’s exactly this daily life what actually attracted the French comic writer Frederic Boilet to the manga comic. Boilet lives in Japan since 1992. He got a scholarship to go there and made Japan his garden. Being French and BD (Band Dessinée) creator, he started to add to his illustrator attitudes manga narration moulds.

When he exhibited his first known work, l’Épinard de Yukiko, a journalist created the “Nouvelle Manga” concept to define his work: a combination of the rhythm, story and image of the nouvelle vague in film and the narration mould of manga are the main characteristics of the new graphic novel of Boilet.
The comic is not as popular here as it is both in Japan and in France.
Hardy anyone consumes graphic novels here. That’s why when we discover some of the precious stones such as Boilet’s work, we feel privileged among human beings. We want to share these works that cause this short period of happiness with you: the beautiful, erotic and melancholic love story in l’Épinard de Yukiko and Mariko Parade is essential for us. Tôkyô est mon jardin (Tokyo is my garden) is full of the dazzles of neon. Early next year, in 2006, a new Nouvelle Manga collection called Japan will arrive in the shops. Among many others, there are works by Boilet, Taniguchi and Takahama. You know... now it is in your hand.