minuteman project    Immigrant hunting started in the border line between Arizona and Mexico in April. This hunting session was named “Minuteman Project”. More than 1000 hunters have already enrolled to catch the people who try to cross the border. We cannot deny that the Bush administration has a weird way to understand migration. But what is this Minuteman Project about? It’s simple. There are 1000 voluntaries around the border of Arizona and Sonora who catch the incoming immigrants. Nowadays, 600 immigrants are arrested by the police every day. However, this amount seems not to be enough for the conservatives in the USA. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) will supervise this project. This organization provides hunters with the necessary tools (binoculars, video cameras and first-aid kits) for the hunting sessions. Nevertheless, and according to their law, they must give water and offer their help to immigrants. If we didn’t know who was behind this project, we would think there was a group of nuns of the Red Cross.

According to the SOP, the voluntaries in the border are not allowed to arrest any immigrant. However, they can use any type of fire gun but rifles. This organization has taken advantage of the soft laws which are now into force for the sake of terrorism and so their rules are freely accepted inside the law. That is why, in this sense, immigrant hunting won’t have any problem. Besides, the members of the Minuteman Project have placed great effort to give their web page an image that has nothing to do with the KKK. Many groups around this organization have now no problem to show their racist and extreme right wing position. There is no surprise because nowadays, in most of the west countries, you become a criminal for the mere fact of crossing a border.