the big small / the small big
the big small
shots: fabrizio maltese

Gullivers eyes
A fire in the palace breaks out, and Gulliver puts out the fire by urinating on it. There is a law against anyone urinating in the royal palace, and the Empress is so horrified by Gulliver's fire fighting techniques that she never forgives Gulliver. The Emperor softens, though, and promises Gulliver a pardon for his crime. He offered the suggestion of simply taking both of Gulliver's eyes, so that he may still live and serve Lilliput.

Gulliver's Travels
Jonathan Swift

the small big
shots: slinkachu

Slinkachuren ""little people" spread around the city providing a new scale to that city that we know. Every situation lights up our imagination and a story that goes beyond the moment that the picture captures comes to our mind. These small figures by Slinkachu are injected in the metropolis and reflect daily humorous, ironic and melancholic situations. After showing the micro world of the micro characters, he abandons their scales and comes back to picture the situation. That way, when we see how small these characters are, we realize how small we are when we are compared to our environment.