elektronikaldia 2003    The Kursaal and the Gazteszena are the two major venues for this festival, but this year sees them joined by a new brother-in-arms: Arteleku. Their Audiolab has been recently responsible for some very interesting new projects. Madrid man Francisco Lopez will be performing there on Sunday the 12th of October. His electro-acoustic sounds are one hell of a way of getting over a hangover.

The festival starts two days before with the Gaztemania festival at the Gazteszena in Egia. The who’s who of Basque Music modernity will be displaying their wares: Martiko eta Garate Soundcheck and Irazoki Telletxea & Erkizia Trio give the opening hours of the night a distinct Ertz Festival flavour. Atmospheric Asier Leatxe from Arrasate also appears at the beginning of the night. Berlin’s finest then take hold of the reins as Schneider Tm and Farben take you into the small hours of the morning.

The best way of starting off on Saturday afternoon is to head on down to the Kursaal and take a look at what’s going on there. You’ll have the usual fair and there’s also the internet room to doss around in. Jan Jelinek, hidden behind Farben the night before, has an interesting proposal you shouldn’t miss. That’s not to mention the rest: Khon (Brussels), Modeseletor (Berlin), and Un Caddie Revenversé dans l´herbe (Barcelona). The winners of the Demo Competition will also be performing.

The E-galdia festival at night will have you sprouting wings with some of the best local musicians: Josetxo Anitua (Cancer Moon), Ibon Errazkin (Le Mans) and along with them, dj Flood from London with all the latest and greatest in sounds from that neck of the woods. And that’s not all! The dance rhythms and choreography we’ve been preparing all year will be performed at the Co Op Party by Dego (4hero), Afronaught (Bugz in the attic) and Ig Culture (New Sector Movements). Don’t forget to get yourself some new sneakers, it’ll be the first and last time you’ll wear them!!

audiolab, a laboratory of audio and contemporary music
Francisco López workshop

This nomadic sound artist’s endless forays into the world of sound lead us to reflect on our sonorous surroundings. A deep knowledge of the limitless strength of the sounds of nature, he has based his music on the incorporation of this strength into his music to come up with dense musical passages and sound scenery.
He has released quite a few records since the 80s. Most of them have been released as a solo artist but he has collaborated with others such as Amy Denio, Michael Northam, Zbigniew Karkowski, John Duncan, Jorge Simonet, Steve Roden... Some of these records have been issued on his own label, ABSOLUTE, as is the case with the performances he organises with the Noise Ensemble.
At his sessions in Arteleku he will speak about and give practical examples of his work though talks, projections and readings. He will also explain the creative process in composing. To finish off, Lopez will present the internationally famous high density “itsua”.

Workshop: Friday Evening, 10th of Oct and Saturday Morning, 11th of Oct
Concert: Sunday Evening, 12th of Oct At Arteleku