hurrengoa txo!?   If you been to Madrid at all lately, you will have noticed a small magazine that is becoming more and more popular: LDNM. The Ladinamo Collective, made up of several smaller projects-groups, are responsible for bringing the mag to life. They’ve just opened a café that’ll also be the mag’s headquarters. The different groups that make up Ladinamo have been very busy of late: a book publisher that has just published a book and has two more on the way, a theatre group with three productions under its belt, a band working steadily away on a record, a group of DJs that you’ll find at many a session in Madrid and a dance troupe... and that’s just for the moment. LDMN is mostly distributed in Madrid, but you’ll find it in Barcelona as well (the official presentation it’s already done in Barcelona and Gijon). A few copies have also been distributed in Aragon, Galicia and Andalusia and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it found its way up to the Basque Country in the near future. This bimonthly magazine is just six issues old but its name is being mentioned more and more in the spanish media. It belongs to the world of free publications, but it’s worth pointing out that is more critical than others. Plenty of meaty articles on society, music, theatre, art, literature, cinema, comics, free software, photographic reports and culture in general are the fare offered by the magazine. You might like to head along to the newly-opened café and avail of the library or the free software programmed computers. Have breakfast, lunch, milk shakes while you take in the exhibitions, talks, projections, DJ sessions and the lots more going on there.
The heads at Ladinamo hope that more and more people drop in to see what’s going on and so boost the independent but united projects that are coming together. You have been warned! Something’s going on down Madrid way!