skating down that hill... ticzag thebalde   TicZag, a film by Juan Azpitarte Juan Aizpitarte strives to show a distinct way of understanding life and the movement and rhythms of the body in the video TicZag. In TicZag we get to take a closer look at the concepts of speed, time, the surrounding scenery and accidents. And all of this to the rhythm of a skateboard.
TicZag is not a road movie. It's an initiating journey in our quest to capture speed and reality. The plodding sound of steps is changed to the zigzagging swooshing of the body and the device stuck to it. All of this is constantly captured by a moving camera. We stare at the passing of the surrounding scenery and the blurring colours as it zigzags by. All, with the sounds composed for the film by Juan Mari Beltran and Xabier Erkizia. The stars of this film shot on different European roads over three weeks are skilful 30-year-olds and special skateboards that look as if they have been made from any old board stroked off a building site anywhere.
As we are plunged down never-ending hills, this film reminds us there are many different ways of approaching life. TicZag is a way of travelling down the walkways of life... time to find yours... it's up to you...