miztura. eye: "middle of the clouds, made to look, staring inside, question-answer?" OME   The above phrase can be found on the second and latest record by Donostia band Miztura. One eye looking at us, staring, the way Miztura look at you. Four songs and a video clip that clock in at fifty minutes. That's what is captured by Miztura on this, their new release. Miztura don't look to be categorised and focus on their instruments when it comes to writing songs. Long, intense songs. That said, they've also focused on the singing and the lyrics this time round. Sorkun as a guest on "Landscape" goes to show this. Her voice soars through the air and really gets deep inside you. We spoke to Gorka Matxinbarrena, drummer in the band, and tried to get under the skin of the new release.
In order to discover the different facets of Miztura's latest piece of work, we have to go back in time to when they started preparing the record. All the way back in Donostia. Xabier Erkizia turned up a few weeks after their gear had been stolen to work on the artistic production on the songs. "When we played a gig in Bera, we spoke to him about doing some pre-production. Xabi offered a non-band member input with the music and we went for it. We recorded a few rehearsals and changed a couple of things. We prepared the voices with him later as well”.
"Begura" was recorded live over two days at the end of April at the Garate Studios in Andoain. Karlos Osinaga was at the helms throughout recording and he was helped by Haritz Arreguy. "We'd been thinking about recording live for ages. It was basically a question of space and we'd never had the chance to do it. When we decided to do it in Garate, we roped in Karlos. He's really worked hard in the studio, what with choosing the mikes and setting them up and all that. He mixed the record afterwards and we think he's done a great job.
The vocals were done at the rehearsal room and at Jon's house and were later mixed. When the mixing was done, they needed a master copy and they headed to the North Basque Country to get that done. "We knew Stephan from Café Teatro. We'd heard great things about him and because he was a friend of Xabi's, we asked him to do the mastering. He brought a new sound to the recording".
You can see the record as well as listen to it. We find the video Mikroskopioaren begirada on the disc. It's accompanied by a dark brooding song that doesn't appear elsewhere on the record. "Victor projects images in our concerts. We told him what we wanted to do on the record and we gave him a copy of various intros to the song "Landscape". Maite Arroitajauregi's cello and some sounds from Kubrik films were also used and Victor's view of things was added to our own.

the eyes that make up a look
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Having finished his studies in journalism, he went to Barcelona to study documental cinema. When he returned, he was involved in projects like NoTV and he is currently working in the film library at the Museum of Fine Art. He will project the images during Miztura's performance at the Plaza festival.

Leader of the group Voddoo Muzak and lifeblood of Amanita Record Company. He basically releases experimental music on this label. Amongst his releases here is the first record by Zarautz band "Café Teatro".

Bass player from the band Lisabö and he has produced the latest records by people like 12Twelve, Kuraia or Sorkun. He looks after the sound of the aforementioned bands and he has also done the same for Anari.